Visor covers

Visor covers and blinds protect the building against various weather conditions, such as sun, wind, rains or snows. Visor lamella-slats facades are systems of walls of blinds which are installed from the inside or the outside. The main challenge for them is to protect the building against the sun and also keep its acoustics in balance, naturally decorative features must not be omitted. Lamella-slats facades cover up the noise and also enhance the building with esthetic valors.

The light and simple construction will perfectly function in modern architectural objects.

Visor covers mean more that means suitable to protect us against the sun: they can be implemented starting at public houses and finishing with private habitants, emphasizing esthetic valors of all architectural forms.

Every typology of nearby surroundings becomes more homey and more visible when the choice between light, semi-darkness or darkness is made. The selection can be made at any time of a day in a very simple way. Implementation of photovoltaic panels into lamellas provides for production of pure energy with non-invasive influence on the environment.

Lamella produced with stamped aluminum and two mandrels made from stainless steel assign in a such a way to be allocated into the central slot of lamella and remain blocked by aluminum side endings in order to fulfill all the possible finishings.

While a building is designed, it is necessary to pay special attention to determination of the level of natural sun light. System of movement can navigate the lamellas with a variable slope and was designed in a way which provides for its compact character and effectiveness. These proceedings gave way to guarantee optimal level of comfort inside of the building. It is also no doubt how significant advantages are gained from the energetic point of view, when the usage of natural daylight is considered as well as thermoregulation of climate related factors come into action.

Protection against the sun operating lights more and more determines the role in making plans of living areas in habitats and operational areas at work. The major parameters that are considered in determination of sun protection are:
– heat which reaches the interior of the building,
– sun light which comes through the window holes
– protection against being blinded caused by the operating sun light
– visibility into the outside


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